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Joint Supplement Review: Whole Body Research Joint StimuFlex

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Joint StimuFlexOne of the newest joint supplements to hit the market is Joint StimuFlex by Whole Body Research. The interesting thing about this product is that most other joint supplements we’ve tested only address one or two of the problems associated with damaged joints. Whole Body Research Joint StimuFlex contains potent natural ingredients that have been shown to not only help eliminate joint pain, but also reduce inflammation, increase lubrication, and improve flexibility, mobility, and strength.

Plus, the Whole Body Research product also has ingredients that have been shown to help repair and rebuild the internal tissue structure of your joints, allowing them to actually begin the healing process, leading the way to permanent elimination of your joint issues.

What’s in Whole Body Research Joint StimuFlex?

100% Natural Eggshell Membrane, Turmeric Extract, White Willow, Boswellia Serrata Extract and Piperin.

Healing and Flexibility

Natural Eggshell Membrane has recently become one of the most talked about ingredients in the world of joint health due to a recent clinical study that found it was able to reduce joint discomfort and increase mobility in less than a week of use. NEM is rich in glycoaminoglycans which are some of the key building-blocks of the internal structure of your joint tissue. Glycoaminoglycans have been shown to help heal joint tissue, meaning that you can finally get your joints back on the path to good health.


Tumeric Extract has been used for many years as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that also helps to increase circulation to damaged cells, allowing them to heal faster.  Recently the New York Times and Time Magazine both featured articles on tumeric extract for its ability to relieve joint pain and discomfort.

Pain Relief

White Willow is another natural ingredient packed with flavanoids that possess anti-inflammatory properties and helps to purify the body of toxins and by-products of cell damage. Additionally, White Willow can also help with pain relief as it’s a rich natural source of salicin, a chemical similar to aspirin. In the 1800s, aspirin was actually made from the salicin extracted from White Willow bark.

Boswellia Serrata Extract the gum resin of this tree that is native to certain parts of India has been discovered to be a potent analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory.

All of these ingredients combine to make Whole Body Research Joint StimuFlex a complete formula for joint health so that you can relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and heal the damages of time.

To find out more about Whole Body Research Joint StimuFlex and to purchase it for yourself, visit

Joint Supplement Review: Whole Body Research Joint StimuFlex, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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